Jenifer Pinkham wins unanimous jury verdict for local business in wage lawsuit.

Phifer Pinkham, LLC congratulates Jenifer Pinkham on successfully defending a local mechanical insulation contracting company against wage claims brought against the company by ex-employees. The ex-employees brought claims seeking multiple damages and attorneys’ fees under the Massachusetts Wage Act claiming that the company had a handbook policy that required them to arrive 10-minutes early each day and failed to pay them for that 10-minutes of work each day over several years. Attorney Pinkham, on behalf of the company, argued that the employees were not only paid for all hours worked, but were likely paid for more hours than they worked per day, as employees self-reported their own hours to the company, and testimony revealed that employees typically took much longer breaks than allowed and frequently left the jobsites early. The jury found unanimously in favor of the defendant-company.