We represent both businesses and individuals in the following areas:

  • Sales and Acquisitions
  • Leases
  • Title Disputes and Litigation


Furthermore, our expertise in the areas of estate planning, corporate and tax law allow us to provide valuable cross-discipline advice to our real estate clients on matters such as:

  •  Forming limited liability entities to provide asset protection for real estate interests;
  • Creating estate plans that provide for the protection, management and distribution of real estate interests for future generations;
  • Guiding trustees on the proper acceptance, conveyance and distribution of interests in real estate;
  • Drafting specialized trusts to govern family vacation homes;
  • Probating estates that hold real estate assets;
  • Sales and acquisitions that involve a business’ assets as well as its real estate;
  • Analyzing and negotiating financing proposals, and structuring partially or wholly seller-financed conveyances and other privately-funded loan transactions;
  • Drafting property management agreements for investment properties; and
  • Advising real estate investors and developers on methods to minimize or defer capital gains taxes, such as Internal Revenue Code §1031 exchanges.


We are experienced in handling conveyances of all types of real estate, such as commercial offices and warehouses, bars and restaurants, single-family homes, condominiums, multi-unit residential buildings, undeveloped land and new or planned construction. When negotiating purchase and sale agreements, we are mindful that every transaction is unique. We carefully tailor each document to address the specific circumstances of the transaction and to protect our clients’ interests to the greatest extent possible.

When representing clients in a real estate acquisition, we utilize our depth of expertise in identifying, analyzing and resolving issues that arise from defects in the title to the real estate. Such title defects can include undischarged mortgages, liens for unpaid taxes, mechanic’s liens, attachments, executions and other judgments, easements, or environmental and other use restrictions. As title agents of First American Title Insurance Company, we are authorized to issue title insurance policies to our clients and their lenders in connection with their purchases to provide further peace of mind and protection.


We represent landlords and tenants in negotiating a wide range of commercial and residential leases, such as leases for office buildings, multi-unit tenant buildings, restaurants, retail, mixed-use buildings, and industrial buildings. We understand that every lease requires careful drafting, review and negotiation to address each client’s particular concerns and to clearly delineate the responsibilities of the landlord and tenant.


We represent clients in a wide variety of land and title disputes, such as improper probate, trust or limited liability entity conveyances, missing heirs or other parties with potential interests in the real estate, boundary disputes, unrecorded conveyances, expired and improperly terminated realty trusts, adverse possession and prescriptive easement claims, tenancy in common disputes and actions regarding the enforceability of restrictive covenants. When these matters cannot be resolved by negotiation or other non-judicial means, we have the expertise necessary to resolve these matters through litigation, such as bringing quiet title actions, try title actions, reformation actions, partition actions, confirmation actions and s-petitions.