Pinkham Phifer has a broad and diverse trial practice.  Our attorneys appear extensively in state and federal courts.  The wide-ranging courtroom and trial experience of our litigation group allows us to provide our clients effective counsel in obtaining the best result. We have a proven track record of success, providing practical advice, and serving our clients effectively.

Recognizing the financial cost and hardship that come from legal proceedings, we strive to be practical when developing client strategies for litigation and resolution.

We represent companies in a wide range of litigation matters before federal and state courts, federal and state administrative agencies and arbitration.


Business Litigation

We work closely with our clients to assess issues and risks, analyze business and legal objectives, and consider the best strategy for litigation or alternative resolutions.  Our extensive courtroom and trial work and skill allows us to effectively achieve the best results for our clients in an efficient manner.

Our litigation and trial experience spans a wide range of commercial litigation, undertaking all manners of litigation, including:

Recognizing the potential for expense and the considerable demand on resources in legal proceedings, we partner closely with our clients to develop strategies based on legal and business concerns and to manage litigation work plans and budgets.

Whether a breach of contract, a business tort, negligence, Chapter 93A or some other business to business dispute, we are prepared to handle the matter proactively, managing the client’s expectations and providing sound and thorough advice.

Probate Litigation

Phifer Pinkham has handled many probate litigation matters, including those involving will contests, breach of fiduciary duty, guardianship or conservatorship issues, trust disputes and accountings.  These matters tend to be highly charged, with years of familial history.  We listen and learn from our clients as to their family history and the issues in dispute, and then provide advice and practical solutions as to how to achieve the best result possible.

Employment Litigation

Phifer Pinkham works hard to keep our clients out of trouble. But when a lawsuit is filed, we are ready to vigorously defend and practically counsel our clients.   Phifer Pinkham litigators understand the scope and stakes of litigation, from single-plaintiff discrimination cases to wage and hour class actions.  Pinkham Phifer understands what clients want – results and value.  The client’s concern becomes our concern, and we helps clients stay focused on running their business while taking care of their litigation.  Phifer Pinkham fights hard, but with the realization that the client benefits from an effective and efficient approach to litigation that provides them the greatest flexibility in achieving their goals.  Our attorneys are highly skilled in mediation, arbitration, and related alternative dispute resolutions.

Construction Litigation

Phifer Pinkham represents architects, engineers, construction managers, owners, general contractors and subcontractors in all phases of construction projects, including, providing representation in arbitration or litigation.  Whether the claim relates to negligence, professional malpractice or breach of contract, we can successfully handle and counsel the company through the litigation providing sound advice and aggressive representation.

Arbitration & Mediation

Phifer Pinkham has extensive experience representing clients in arbitration and mediation.  We use our efficient approach to commercial matters coupled with our collective experience to help clients develop strategies for best determining their disputes.  Our litigation team has successfully arbitrated disputes in the areas of commercial litigation, construction litigation, business valuation cases, shareholder disputes, and commercial real estate matters.  We have also represented clients in close corporations and employment matters.